Scott Parker | Serial Entrepreneur

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About the Episode

This podcast with multi-business owner Scott Parker gives insight into working nonstop (02:00), how to motivate your team (11:00) and building successful habits (19:00). Scott started his business career in the restaurant business, but now also owns a barber shop, boxing gym and doggy day care – as well as seven restaurants in the DMV. Follow his entrepreneurial adventures on his instagram: @scottparker

About Scott Parker

Parker first opened A-Town in 2012, a popular watering hole in Ballston for the after-work crowd, which he’s now transforming into Bronson, a German bier hall, with partner Nick Cordero. Since A-Town, he’s gone on to open everything from upscale American comfort food restaurant Barley Mac to a full-service barbershop called the Bearded Goat in Arlington. He is continuously in search of business opportunities that not only capitalize on trends but also bring value to the community they operate in.

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