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About the Episode

This episode of The Onist Podcast features Hope MacDonald (aka Miss Hope), owner of Bella Ballet. Bella Ballet has been voted the #1 kids dance school in the DMV, thriving off the passion and energy of Hope and her team. In this podcast, Hope, Lance and Mezzy speak to overcoming fear of failure (05:26), the joy of helping young dancers find their confidence (16:21), the self-discipline required to run a small business (01:02:16) and more. Check them out at bellaballetdance.com.

About Hope MacDonald

After teaching over 2,000 students in the past 10 years, from the ages of 2-18, and having top- ranking competition teams which mainly focused on the older dancer, Hope felt that there should be more focus on the younger dancer. Hence, the creation of Bella Ballet, and our enchanting ballerina princess, Bella! Additionally, Hope is heavily involved in a multitude of organizations including Living your Dream and the Shared Hope Association, both help children victimized in human trafficking. Hope aspires to bring dance nationally to all children as an outlet to feel safe being who they are no matter what their circumstances.

About Bella Ballet

Bella’s quest is to provide a quality dance education to inspire confidence, spark passions, and build self-esteem. Our dancers not only receive technical training, but also acquire the confidence they need to follow their dreams. Bella Ballet fosters a love of dance through our traditional repertoire, fairy tale environment, and beautiful costumes worthy of the prima ballerina assoluta. Bella continually demonstrates positive values to build up strong and confident dancers. By providing our students with a positive role model, we can encourage “princess etiquette” that empowers our dancers with leadership skills, positive values, and respect, kindness, and love for all.

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